10 Tips for Attracting Tenants for Your Rental Property

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February 8, 2024

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Key takeaways:

  • Go through the details of 10 promising ways to attract tenants for property for a steady rental income flow.
  • Associate with professionals who can help you list your serviced apartment and guarantee steady rent.

Are you looking for potential tenants for your rental property?

Do you want to know the proven ways to minimise your work and help you achieve your goal?

Attracting tenants is more than a simple business transaction. You’ll be sharing your property with them, and you must trust them to take good care of it during their stay.

So, you want tenets who are just the right fit and will love your property as much as you do.

How do we make that happen?

Here are the 10 tips you can choose to attract tenants for your property and generate a steady rental income.

10 Proven Tips to Find Tenants for Property

There are many tips for finding the right tenants for your property, but here are 10 simple and effective ones.

Check your property condition

Before looking for tenants, you must ask yourself if this is a home you’d be happy to live in. Check for worn-out, broken, or dated fixtures and appliances.

Repair or replace them to ensure your property stays up-to-date, which can help you attract potential tenants. Remember that the best tenants aren’t just looking to move into whatever property will accept them; they want the best place they can afford.

You don’t require luxury, high-end renovation. Keep it simple and clean.

Understand the market

You cannot charge a rental amount based on your expectations or assumptions. If you set your tent too high, you’ll hardly attract any right tenant applications. 

Also, if you set it too low, you’ll leave the money on the table. So, what’s the right approach?

You must research the market and check out property listing sites, which can help you decide the right rental price based on your area, size, and amenities. 

Showcase your property at its best

Now that you have updated your property, you must show it at its best. You must deep clean and add a fresh coat of paint. 

If you want your tenants to take good care of your property, you must show them you do. Add fresh flowers and throw pillows to highlight your pride in your space.

Don’t just focus on the interiors; check out the exterior appearance of your property. Rake up stray leaves, pick up trash, and mow your lawn before your potential tenants show up at your property gates for the first time viewing.

Know your neighborhood

Know what makes your area special. Are there any parks, schools, grocery stores, and other amenities in your neighbourhood that can be distinctive compared to other properties? 

Every neighbourhood is different, and every individual wants to live in a specific type of neighbourhood. Understanding your area can help potential tenants make better decisions and assess if it fits them best.

Know your ideal resident

Only some tenants can be ideal for you. So, who’s a perfect tenant for you and your property?

If you have the question answered beforehand, picking out a great application can be easier when you see one. You can create an ‘ideal resident profile’ that includes non-negotiables, like no pets or smoking, and nice-to-haves, like ‘doesn’t mind traffic noise’ or ‘works a 9–5 job’.

Have an A+ listing 

Create an attractive listing that makes your property seem as appealing as possible. Your focus should be getting people excited to come and see it!

Add crisp and in-depth information about your property. Include details about the property, the terms of your rental agreement, the location, and multiple photos or videos.

The more information you share, the higher the chances of attracting potential tenants.

Focus on individuals, not the masses

You need high-quality tenant applications, so don’t focus on the quantity. Set up individual showings with only the tenants you’re most interested in.

It lets you know them better and shows them you’re considerate and looking to build a respectful long-term business relationship. 

Prepare one-page document

Many real estate agents prepare one-page brochures or documents to hand out at viewings. You can apply the same for your property and assist your potential tenants.

Include important details about your property, such as area, lease duration, smoking restrictions, and the terms of your agreement. 

Don’t overlook word-of-mouth

Tenants trust referrals from friends and family, which makes word-of-mouth marketing a strong contender for attracting the right tenant. Keep your current tenants happy to improve your reputation as a property manager.

If a good renter is leaving, ask them if they know anyone seeking a rental property.

Analyse prospective tenants thoroughly

Following all the above-listed steps can give you a large pool of residents to choose from. However, you must be very selective and carefully vet your new tenants.

Try asking potential residents for: 

  • Criminal record check
  • Employment reference
  • Past landlord reference 
  • Credit score
  • Annual income

Following these steps can become overwhelming for a new landlord and also for an experienced landlord. That’s where you can trust Pluxa Serviced Apartments, who can promise you guaranteed rent.

Choose Pluxa Serviced Apartments

As a professional luxury service apartment provider, we, at Pluxa Serviced Apartments, control multiple apartments in Birmingham. With years of experience, we have a dedicated team to help you generate guaranteed rent from your rental property.

We can take care of your property and find the right tenant to help you escape all the hassles. You can achieve your goal of generating steady rental income, and we can do all the hard work for you.


How can you find the perfect tenant?

There are multiple steps you can follow to find the perfect tenant. Here are a few of them:

  • Check your property condition.
  • Understand the market.
  • Showcase your property at its best.
  • Know your ideal resident.
  • Prepare a one-page document.

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