6 Tips for Advertising Your UK Rental Property for Acquiring Tenants

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June 15, 2024

Advertising your UK Rental property
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Key takeaways:

  • 6 tips that can help you with advertising UK rental property.
  • Associate with professionals who can help you with the marketing and onboarding of new tenants to help you avoid the hassles.

According to a survey released in November 2023, there were 261,189 long-term empty properties in England. 

So, what’s the reason behind such many empty rental properties?

There could be many, but not properly advertising UK rental property is one of the major reasons. 

We’ll help you escape this trouble. 

Let’s understand how to acquire new tenants for UK property with effective and proven tips. 

6 Proven Tips for Advertising Your UK Rental Property

Many tips can help you advertise your UK rental property, but we have shortlisted the proven six.

Choose your audience

You can’t advertise without knowing your audience. It’s like hitting an arrow in the dark. 

So answer a question:

  • What type of tenant do you want for your property?
  • Should they be students, a professional couple, or a family?

These simple questions can help you focus on the appropriate terminology when pushing in your advertisement campaigns. 

For example, if you want to find a family to become your long-term tenants, then you can put yourself in their shoes and plan your marketing strategy. You’ll know what they might be looking for. You can market your amenities accordingly that can entice them. 

Advertise your rental property online

With more people looking for rental properties online, you have to improve your presence over there. 

Choose a few of the listing platforms that are popular and can help you attract the right tenants. You can also hire a marketing agency that can help you with managing your online property listing or run Google advertisements for you. 

If you have multiple properties, you can also create a website and attract tenants’ enquiries through SEO and other organic approaches. 

But if you want instant results, you can choose an inorganic approach like social media advertisements. 

Make the most of social media

There are over 56.20 million social media users in the UK. So, chances are your next tenants are scrolling through the Instagram feed or TikTok reels. 

But the question is are you connected with them on these platforms? 

You can use organic and inorganic strategies to improve your social media presence. Choose multiple platforms for an omnichannel presence, and then post regular content to engage your target audience. 

Also, create a social media advertisement campaign targeted at your audience, and perform A/B testing to increase the ROI of your campaigns. 

If you have the budget, you can run influencer marketing campaigns, which are becoming a highly popular strategy to improve the lead generation process. 

Don’t forget the traditional way

While online advertising is important in the modern era, you can’t underestimate the power of traditional methods when it comes to marketing your UK rental property. 

For example, a well-placed “For Rent” sign can attract a lot of local interest. It can help you hook the attention of the people who are actively looking for rental properties in your neighborhood. As it’s a small investment, you can get a decent ROI. 

Apart from the sign board, you can choose to advertise in local newspapers and magazines. Choose high-quality images and content that can catch readers’ attention in a world where attention span is highly reduced and people don’t have time to go through the entire newspaper. 

Tip: Flyers and brochures can also work wonders for you. 

Analyse your advertisement campaigns

We talked about testing in the third point. It will happen once you analyse your campaigns and understand which approach performs better. Without analysing the results of your advertisement campaigns, you won’t understand the effectiveness and the ROI. 

Although social media and other online platforms can help you extract the reports, it can be difficult for you to track the traditional marketing approach. 

Hold an open house

If you have nailed all the marketing and advertising aspects, you’ll receive a lot of enquiries. You can hold an open house, where you invite all the prospective tenants to view the rental property on a designated date at a designated time.

It can help you save time and help you get the best price for your rental property. Create a homely vibe for your property with fresh flowers and pitch-perfect temperature that can help you choose the right long-term tenant.

Tip: The first impression is the last impression, so keep your property clean and also ensure that the front path looks beautiful. 

But handling all these pointers on your own can be difficult. So, you can hire professionals who can minimise the hurdles.

Pluxa Partners Can Assist You

Being one of the top property management service providers in the UK, we, at Pluxa Partners, understand how to help you attract the right tenant using an effective advertisement approach.

We have years of experience in helping landlords improve their occupancy by implementing modern and proven advertisement strategies. 

We work on improving your ROI and provide you with tailored insights based on your goals and property. You can also list your serviced apartment with us today and experience hassle-free property management.

So, what’s making you wait?

Contact our professionals, who can assist you with your advertising efforts. 


How do I advertise my rental property?

There are multiple ways to advertise your rental property. Here are some effective tips:

  • Choose your audience.
  • Advertise your rental property online.
  • Make the most of social media.
  • Don’t forget the traditional marketing way.
  • Analyse your advertisement campaigns.

When to advertise a UK rental property?

When you require tenant occupancy, you can advertise. So, you can advertise during the off-season and on-season, but with a different approach.

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