Maximising Profits With Corporate Accommodation: Why Landlords Should Consider the Short/Long-Term Corporate Accommodation Model

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August 23, 2023

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Have you tapped into the booming corporate housing market in the UK yet? 

Can it significantly boost your rental profits? 

Recent market research indicates a notable trend in the corporate housing sector in the UK, especially amidst changing global circumstances. 

With the industry showing resilience and potential for growth, UK landlords have a golden opportunity at their doorstep.

Ready to explore how you can maximise your profits with corporate accommodation? 
Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of this lucrative model and how it’s reshaping the UK rental landscape.

Key Takeaway: 

  • Corporate accommodation offers landlords consistent revenue streams and higher occupancy rates.
  • Adapting to the corporate housing model provides a competitive edge over traditional short-term rentals.

The Economic Balance: Seasonal Demands, Pricing, and Profit Maximisation

Ah, the ever-fluctuating world of seasonal demands! If you’ve been in the rental game for a while, you’ve probably noticed how different times of the year can bring about varying interest levels in your properties. But how can you, as a savvy landlord, turn these seasonal shifts to your advantage?

Understanding Seasonal Demands in the UK

The UK sees a unique blend of tourists, business travellers, and relocating professionals throughout the year. Summer might bring in tourists, while autumn could surge corporate travellers. Recognising these patterns is the first step to maximising your profits.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Gone are the days of static pricing. With platforms like Airbnb introducing dynamic pricing models, landlords can adjust their rates based on demand, local events, or weather! You can ensure high occupancy even during off-peak seasons by staying flexible with your pricing.

Profit Maximisation Through Value Addition

Offering seasonal packages or added amenities can make your property more appealing. For instance, a winter package might include free hot chocolates or a summer deal could offer discounted rates for longer stays. It’s all about understanding what your tenant wants and delivering it with a cherry on top.

Now, let’s move on and delve into the myriad benefits of corporate accommodation to landlords like you. Ready to be pleasantly surprised?


Benefits of Corporate Accommodation for Landlords

The rental world has evolved, and corporate accommodation is a shining star in this transformation. 

But what makes it so special, especially for landlords? Let’s dive deep into the benefits and understand why it’s becoming the go-to choice for many property owners.

Consistent Revenue Streams

Unlike traditional rentals that might face voids, corporate housing for landlords often comes with longer-term contracts. It means a steady income, month after month, ensuring you maximise profits with corporate accommodation.

Higher Occupancy Rates

Business travellers, relocating employees, or project-based consultants often seek corporate accommodation. Their stays might range from a few weeks to several months, leading to fewer gaps between bookings and higher occupancy rates.

Premium Pricing Opportunities

Corporate tenants often seek quality over price, allowing landlords to offer premium amenities and, in turn, charge premium rates. It enhances the tenant’s experience and significantly boosts the landlord’s revenue.

Reduced Maintenance and Turnover Costs

With longer stays, the wear and tear on your property are generally less compared to short-term rentals. Plus, fewer tenant turnovers mean reduced maintenance and advertising costs.

Embracing the corporate accommodation model can truly be a game-changer for landlords. It’s a win-win situation with consistent revenue, premium pricing, and reduced overheads.

Now that we’ve explored the benefits let’s delve into some practical tips and strategies to ensure success in the corporate accommodation sector. After all, knowledge is power, and we’re here to empower you!


Tips for Success: Integrating Corporate Housing into Your Rental Strategy

The corporate housing sector is booming, and as a landlord, you’re perfectly poised to tap into this lucrative market. 

But how do you ensure your property stands out and attracts the right clientele? 

Here are some tailored tips to guide you on this journey.

Understand Your Target Audience

Corporate tenants often have specific needs. Whether it’s high-speed internet for those late-night video calls or a fully-equipped kitchen for home-cooked meals, understanding and catering to these requirements can set your property apart.

Offer Flexible Lease Terms

Business travellers or relocating professionals might have varying durations for their stays. Offering flexible lease terms can make your property more attractive, ensuring you get all the potential tenants.

Prioritise Safety and Security

For many corporate tenants, safety is paramount. Investing in security measures, be it surveillance cameras or secure access systems, can make your property a top choice for those prioritising safety.

Collaborate with Relocation Agencies

Building partnerships with businesses and relocation agencies can ensure a steady stream of corporate tenants. It’s a win-win, as agencies get quality accommodation for their clients, and you get reliable tenants.

While these tips can set you on the path to success, there’s one more crucial aspect to consider. The UK rental market is vast, and standing out can be challenging. It is where professional platforms come into play. 

Opting for a platform like Exclusive Serviced Apartments, Pluxa can amplify your reach, ensuring your property gets the visibility it deserves among the right audience.

The corporate housing sector offers immense potential. By integrating it into your rental strategy and leveraging professional platforms, you can maximise your profits and establish a strong foothold in the UK’s bustling rental market.


The Future of Corporate Housing and Your Next Steps

The corporate housing landscape is evolving rapidly, and landlords who adapt and innovate are the ones who will thrive in this competitive market. 

But navigating this sector can be complex, and that’s where expert guidance becomes invaluable.

Consider partnering with a professional platform to maximise your profits and elevate your rental strategy. 
Pluxa stands out as a leading platform in the UK, dedicated to bridging the gap between landlords and corporate clientele. With our expertise, vast network, and commitment to quality, we can ensure your property gets the visibility and occupancy it deserves.


How can corporate accommodation help landlords maximise their rental profits?

Corporate accommodation offers longer-term contracts, leading to consistent revenue, fewer vacancies, and the ability to charge premium rates due to specialised amenities and services tailored for business travellers.

How can landlords attract business clients to their rental properties?

Landlords can attract business clients by offering tailored amenities like high-speed internet, flexible lease terms, ensuring top-notch security, and collaborating with relocation agencies and businesses.

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