The Challenging Landscape for Letting Agents

The landscape for letting agents and landlords have become increasingly difficult in recent years due to increasing legislation and regulatory changes. These changes have presented significant challenges, often burdening agents with additional responsibilities and costs. Unfortunately, this is not getting any easier as the government agenda is set to increase tenants’ rights and reduce letting agents’ and landlords’ rights.

With the proposed ban on Section 21 evictions, the letting agents’ job will become even more arduous and without the flexibility of Section 21 evictions, agents may face prolonged vacancy periods, increased administrative workload, and uncertainty in managing property portfolios.

The ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ has caused many tenants to default on paying their rents and there is no light in the foreseeable future as bills just keep increasing. This economic situation has put immense pressure on letting agents and landlords alike who both only get paid if the tenant pays their rent. This is forcing many letting agents to shut up shop and find an easier way.

The Pluxa Solution

We already work with Letting agents and landlords across the UK to help alleviate all of the stresses associated with letting and managing a property on a traditional AST basis.

We can be a huge help to agents like yourself. Our Guaranteed Rent Solution takes away all of these worries and uncertainties for letting agents and landlords with a GUARANTEED long-term rental income each month for a fixed period.

Our offer to you

What's in it for me?


You can have peace of mind knowing your fees will come in on time without question.


available to grow your business as you will not be doing endless viewings, property inspections, keeping up with all the legislation, and chasing up maintenance issues.


Your landlords will be delighted as their expenses will reduce; the maintenance costs are covered, no more tenant-finding fees and they get a guaranteed rental income. Working with Pluxa will give you and your landlords complete peace of mind and a guarantee that they are making the right choice when using Pluxa’s Guaranteed Rent Service.

Why choose Pluxa?

We aim to become the largest corporate accommodation provider. Our client base primarily consists of business clients, international clients, and leisure market customers. Our comprehensive package offers complete peace of mind and certainty, simplifying every aspect and maximising profitability for our clients. We take care of all the management tasks, allowing you to focus on expanding your lettings business. Through our innovative Guaranteed Rent-to-Rent Service, we are transforming the lettings management model and providing a consistent, lucrative income stream for both landlords and agents.

Find out how we can introduce new buyers for your new -build developments

Learn more about how we can help you and your landlords.



We GUARANTEE your landlord rent for a flexible fixed period ( 1- 5 years)

The property will increase in demand with a guaranteed income

You receive your GUARANTEED management fees

Our professional team takes care of finding the very best tenants and manages the property. We excel in what we do and stand out from our competitors maintaining complete transparency.

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