6 Essential Apps and Software for Property Management

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May 10, 2024

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Did you know that property management fees in the UK range from 5% to 15% of the monthly rental income?

So, do you want to save on your revenue cut?

If yes, then how do you manage your property portfolio?

That’s where you can choose professional software for property management.

But choosing one based on your requirements can be overwhelming, given the hundreds of apps and software available in the market. 

So to ease your pressure, here’s a list of tools to manage property.

Best Property Management Apps and Software in the UK

Our team has finalised a tailored list of professional tools that can help you enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

Here are the top tools:



Free Demo: Available

TallyPrime is a comprehensive business management tool designed to streamline critical operations such as tax compliance, accounting, inventory management, banking, and payroll. 

The tool is ideal for UK landlords as it simplifies financial tasks and property management with features like mobile app access and API integration. You can also maintain complete control over your property investments efficiently.

Landlord Vision Software

Landlord Vision

Free Trial: 14 days, no payment details required

Landlord Vision is a top-rated, cloud-based property management software that supports UK landlords managing anywhere from 1 to 500+ tenancies. The tool is perfect for every day and portfolio landlords who need remote access to their accounts from any device. It includes comprehensive features to manage properties or rooms, making it ideal for HMOs, student accommodations, and multi-lets. 

Its key functionalities include: 

  • Keeping all property-related information in one place
  • Managing utility suppliers and readings
  • Securely storing property images and documents
  • Tracking keys
  • Setting up automatic reminders for property-related tasks

The software provides detailed financial insights into each property and is compatible with Making Tax Digital.

Property Portfolio Software

Property Portfolio Software

Demo: Available on the website

Property Portfolio Software is a robust desktop solution ideal for portfolio landlords and letting agents who prefer a traditional software setup. Its system is designed to be installed on up to five Windows OS computers for local data backup. 

It offers a full suite of property management features, including:

  • Tenant and rent management
  • Full property oversight
  • Generation of tax reports and legal documents such as ASTs and Section 21 notices with just one click

It also includes a mass mail merge and emailing solution to facilitate communication with tenants and suppliers. The software can be purchased either outright, with a 90-day money-back guarantee, or on a flexible monthly subscription basis without a minimum term contract.

Property Hawk Landlord Software

Property Hawk

Price: Free

Property Hawk Landlord Software is a free online tool designed specifically for landlords with a smaller portfolio. While it’s praised for providing essential landlord forms like tenancy agreements at no cost, the software’s user experience has been described as outdated. 

Users have reported that tasks like adding new properties or tenants involve filling out multiple, lengthy forms, which could be streamlined for efficiency. Property Hawk remains a functional option if you are on a budget as it offers all the basic features needed to manage rental properties without financial investment.

Smart Property Manager

Smart Property Manager

Price: Free (with premium versions available)

Smart Property Manager is a web-based application for landlords managing 1 to 10 properties. While it offers a free version, there are also premium upgrades for those needing more advanced features. 

The free version is well-suited for single landlords and includes a range of functionalities, which can be explored in detail through screenshots and descriptions on the software’s feature page. 

Like other free software, Smart Property Manager doesn’t offer the most modern or intuitive design, but it provides a solid foundation for property management without cost.

RMS Cloud

RMS Cloud is a versatile property management system designed to streamline the management of multiple properties from a single interface. The software solution provides apartment managers and owners complete control over every aspect of property management.

Some of its features include:

  • Mobile App: Access and manage your properties on the go.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly connect with other systems and software.
  • Material Management: Easily handle logistics and inventory with tools designed for reporting and tracking

Although these tools can minimise your burden, professional help can handle multiple other aspects associated with property management.

Pluxa Partners Got You Covered

Relying on professional property management software is great, but choosing best-in-class property management services can significantly ease your burden of managing your rental property. 

We at Pluxa Partners offer a comprehensive approach to cover everything from effective marketing strategies to ensuring your property reaches potential tenants.

We can help you list your rental property on our platform and provide end-to-end assistance to improve your ROI. Our professional property management team can manage your rental property portfolio’s day-to-day operations so you can focus on important tasks. 

Our service range includes screening for quality tenants, lease management, rent collection, and conflict resolution.

So, don’t you want to optimize your rental operations and achieve greater peace of mind?

If yes, contact our team to share your requirements and accomplish your desired goals. 


How can small landlords manage properties effectively?

Small landlords can manage their properties effectively by using modern property management software and hiring professional help. Here are some key tips:

  • Use property management software.
  • Automate management tasks.
  • Consider professional help.
  • Stay legally compliant.
  • Communicate effectively with tenants.
  • Conduct regular inspections.

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