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Why Choose Pluxa to Host Your Airbnb?

Regular cleaning

We strive to deliver a superior customer experience for your guests with our top-notch laundry and cleaning services, ensuring they receive a service that rivals the quality of a luxury hotel.

Agile guest support

Our efficient and outcome-driven communication with all guests ensures seamless support at all times. Our dedicated team is always available round the clock, allowing you complete peace of mind.

Listing Your Property

Our all-inclusive management services - Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) ensure that your property achieves maximum visibility on leading platforms such as Airbnb. With regular updates to your property's images and prices, we strive to provide extensive exposure and a hassle-free experience for your guests, minimising any potential inconvenience.

Self-help portal

Our user-friendly self-help portal grants you easy access to comprehensive booking and financial information. We prioritise transparency in every aspect of property management, ensuring you have clear visibility into the maintenance of your property.

24*7 availability

Our round-the-clock availability ensures a seamless check-in process, reducing any inconvenience for guests. This approach fosters strong guest relationships and guarantees a high rate of repeat bookings.

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Pluxa’s End-to-End Airbnb Hosting Services

Listing Management

Guest Management

Property Management

Pluxa’s Trusted Airbnb Co-Hosting Service

Pluxa is a trusted and experienced Airbnb co-host. We specialise in managing Airbnb properties, whether it’s Airbnb Cardiff or Airbnb Nottingham, our services extend to multiple locations across the UK, allowing you to reduce your workload while ensuring a consistent rental income stream.

Access Our Professional Self-Help Host Portal

Comprehensive Booking and Financial Tracking System

You can easily monitor your rental income and access detailed reports with just a few clicks. Analyse your rental income and review the management tasks effortlessly, ensuring full transparency.

Cleaning and Service Logs

By accessing the service log, you can conveniently view the most recent photos uploaded by our cleaner after each changeover. This feature allows you to stay up to date with the condition of your property, relieving you from the challenges and concerns of property maintenance.

Stay updated with guest booking

We prioritise keeping you informed about guest bookings so you can easily keep track of the progress. Additionally, you have the convenience of booking unlimited personal stays at your Airbnb property, allowing you to enjoy leisure or business time with ease.

Guest Reviews

Utilise our dedicated portal to review guest feedback and assess your average ratings. This valuable resource enables you to analyse our approach and evaluate the feedback achieved through our professional Airbnb property management service.

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Short Let Airbnb Property Management in the UK

With the rising demand for short let properties, it’s a great opportunity to earn through the biggest holiday letting platforms like Airbnb and We can help you escape the work of listing, maintaining, and marketing your property to help you achieve your passive income targets.

The increasing demand for short-term accommodations, both domestically and internationally, presents an excellent opportunity for property owners to generate a lucrative and consistent income stream. As a landlord, you can tap into this thriving market and capitalise on the growing travel trends.
Due to the steady influx of tourists visiting various cities in the UK, there is a continuous and reliable demand for short-term accommodations.
Pluxa specialises in alleviating the burdens of short-term let property management. By partnering with us, you can streamline the complete process and experience a consistent income flow with complete peace of mind.
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